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  1. Mark MIrek says:

    How about a visit to SW or central Ohio? Would love to catch you in Columbus, Cincinnati or Dayton. I can recommend venues in each, and if you come through Dayton my wife and I provide housing for wayfaring minstrels in our country home – as long as no one is hindered by cat allergies.

    • Hi Mark! We will try to swing through some time in spring. We’ll be in Lakewood, OH on Feb 12th, but I know that’s not exactly right next door. Thank you for offering lodging! So sweet of you and your wife! We may very well take you up on that some time. Oh and between the 4 of us, we have a total of 7 cats. :)
      Best, Marie-Claire

      • Mark MIrek says:

        Lakewood is in the far corner of the state, for sure. We have been known to make the journey for good music, but traveling north in February is rarely a good idea. Thanks for giving us the hope of something a bit closer.
        Here’s some venue suggestions. Our favorite place is Canal Street Tavern in Dayton. It’s billed as a listening room and lives up to the billing. The owner, Mick Montgomery, is pretty low tech so a phone call seems to beat email. South Park Tavern hosts a lot of bands coming through, The Trolley Stop is another good one.
        Newport, Kentucky (across the river from Cinci) has Southgate House – a very good venue. Columbus has a bunch of choices, but Promowest has 4 of the best ranging from very small to several thousand. Let us know if we can help.

        Rejoice always,

      • Mark thank you so much for the recommendations! We really appreciate the info as we have no idea what’s out there of course. This is so helpful. We will be sure to set something up for the near future.
        Happy Holidays! MC

  2. Mark MIrek says:

    PS – Where can I find a complete list of your upcoming shows?

  3. Gregg Malkoff says:

    Just saw you at Lost Leaf in Phoenix. Loved it. My favorite new band…I’m spreading the word.

  4. Mark Lewis says:

    Love your music….you popped up on mazzy star pandora station tonight…..youve got a new fan!

  5. Jim says:

    Another new listener via Pandora’s ‘Mazzy Star’ stream. Built a ‘Speck Mountain’ stream and enjoying your musings :)

  6. Bob S says:

    PLEASE start another Kickstarter. I’ll pay for your gas to get back to Southern California. Stop by KCRW to get the hype going, and play some gigs. Your sound is just so fresh and necessary right now.

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