“Bewitching…..they sound like a still-warm, half-remembered dream.”



“The pure volume of imagery that is struck up in my mind is a sure sign of truly great psychedelic music….this is what shoegaze and soul would listen to in the motel when they started their tragic love affair; this is what would happen if Jim Morrison and Grace Slick had four children and they all formed a band together. ”

Delusions of Adequacy 


“Badwater, the group’s third album, casts its spell slowly, perfecting a drifting, dream-pop mystique that maintains an impenetrable calm.”

Time Out Chicago


“A shimmering, space-rock masterpiece… Infused with swirling guitars, droning organs, and wonderfully wistful vocals, their new album Badwater is spectral, seductive, and deeply atmospheric.”

DIVA Magazine


“Speck Mountain have soul….There’s something mystical going on here, something spiritual.”

- Clash Magazine


“A work of art….If you’re looking for psychedelic, trip rock that floats from your speakers in a dizzy haze and presents a twilight mysticism and a chilled out atmosphere with every glittering note that penetrates the soundscape, then Speck Mountain is your medicine.”

The Girls Are


“The mix of Americana dust and dream-pop gauze has never sounded this strong.”



“…a heavily addictive, comfortably numbing kind of experience.”

Q Magazine


“…gauzy atmospherics, moody guitars, and tender vocals delivered with a lot of feeling.”

- MTV the Hive


“‘Badwater’ is a progression of their psychedelic sound, bonding together via scraps of foggy, lucid dreams {…} upping the mystical drone and buzz that surrounds their sonic output.”

Middle Boop Mag 


“Sends a medulla-melting euphoria through the base of one’s skull.”



“Marie-Claire Balabanian’s weary, wistful tones and Karl Briedrick’s sun-scorched guitar chimes recall Mazzy Star, and the reverb-soaked tambourine that often accompanies them is of Jesus & Mary Chain vintage.”



“The soundtrack for a dreamy, Valium-shaded red-eye between the coasts.”


“It’s space rock made with warm organic instruments, pop filtered through the language of the subconscious, and, finally, a waking dream too beautiful to shake off.”



“…Speck Mountain’s gauzy, opiated sound still gets you gurgling like a baby with a lollipop.”



“…dreamy, impressionistic, and ambient. Like sunlight shining through a gauzy curtain, Balabanian’s rich vocals are simultaneously hazy, distant and piercing.”



“As comforting as a warm bath of prozac.”

The Independent (UK)


“Behind her versatile and devastating voice, Balabanian and bandmate Karl Briedrick craft beautiful soundscapes that spread wide and deep.”

Prefix Magazine


“Pulsating electric guitar riffs, creepy organ chords, and campfire-style backing harmonies round out each track, practically compelling the listener to lay back, turn out the lights, and stay awake until the last note fades. “

Venus Zine


“One of the brightest young bands to dial up the fender reverb to eleven…shots of classic Nina Simone-esque pop, a healthy dose of ’70s soul and a Laughing Stock-pile of Talk Talk coolness.”

Stereo Subversion

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